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    Police S1936 HOT 1

    Police V1677

    Police V1697

    Police V1699

    Police V1735

    Police V1736

    Police V1765

    Police V1766

    Police V1771

    Police V1773

    Police V1773E

    Police V1774

    Police V1774E

    Police V1775

    Police V1779M UNION SQUARE

    Police V1780M PARK AVENU

    Police V1781M TIMES SQUARE

    Police V1782M FIFTH AVENUE

    Police V1783M MADISON AVENUE

    Police V1785 GREENBELT

    Police V1786 PARK SLOPE

    Police V1789

    Police V1791

    Police V1792

    Police V1830 SOBE 1

    Police V1831 SOBE 2

    Police V1832N GATOR 1

    Police V1833 GATOR 2

    Police V1834 METROMOVER 1

    Police V1835 METROMOVER 2

    Police V1836 LOLITA 1

    Police V1837 LOLITA 2

    Police V1838 KISS ME

    Police V1840 MYNT 2

    Police V1854N REEF 3

    Police V1855N REEF 4

    Police V1865 STARRY 1

    Police V1866 ZIPPY

    Police V1867 ICY 1

    Police V1868 ICY 2

    Police V1869 STARRY 2

    Police V1876



    Police V1892 STEEL 2

    Police V1893 UPSIDE 1

    Police V1894 UPSIDE 2

    Police V1911 REMAKE 1

    Police V1912 REMAKE 2

    Police V1913 REEL 1

    Police V1914 REEL 2

    Police V1915 SCRIPT 1

    Police V1916 ZOOM 1

    Police V1917 ZOOM 2

    Police V1918 CLOSE UP 1

    Police V1919 CLOSE UP 2

    Police V1919E

    Police V1941 LOVELY

    Police V1942 MISSY

    Police V1943 PARTY GIRL

    Police V1972 PERCEPTION 1

    Police V1973 PERCEPTION 2

    Police V1974 STUNT 2

    Police V1975 STUNT 3

    Police V1976 REEL 3

    Police V1977M BUENA VISTA

    Police V1978M FAIRLAWN

    Police V1986 TRICK 4

    Police V1987 TRICK 5

    Police V8579

    Police V8714

    Police V8717

    Police V8718

    Police V8726

    Police V8728

    Police V8732

    Police V8738 BAY RIDGE

    Police V8739 BOCOCA

    Police V8742

    Police V8758

    Police V8785 FLUID 1

    Police V8789 NADINE

    Police V8790 DRAGONFLY 1

    Police V8796 OXIDE 1

    Police V8857 STARRY 3

    Police V8859


    Police V8897 SCRIPT 2

    Police V8898 CUT 1

    Police V8899 CUT 2

    Police V8900 ACTION 1

    Police V8901 ACTION 2

    Police V8902 PROP 1

    Police V8903 PROP 2

    Police V8904 PLOT 1

    Police V8905 PLOT 2

    Police V8918 CLOSE UP 3

    Police V8933M ENGLEWOOD

    Police V8936 TAFFY 1

    Police V8937 TAFFY 2

    Police V8970 EXTRATIME 1

    Police V8971 EXTRATIME 2

    Police V8972 BALANCE 1

    Police V8973 BALANCE 2

    Police V8979 OVATION 1

    Police V8980 OVATION 2

    Police V8981M OMNI

    Police VK021

    Police VK022

    Police VK025 For Kids

    Police VK026 For Kids

    Police VK027 For Kids

    Police VK028 For Kids

    Police VK029 For Kids

    Police VK030 For Kids

    Police VK031 For Kids

    Police VK035 RAVEN

    Police VK036 ROBIN

    Police VK037 TRICK 1

    Police VK038 TRICK 2

    Police VK515 For Kids

    Police VK527 For Kids

    Police VK530 For Kids

    Police VK531 For Kids

    Police VK532 For Kids

    Police VK534 RAY

    Police VK535 ATOM

    Police VK537 TRICK 3

    Police VK538 TRICK 4

    Police VPL008 SHARP LOOK 1

    Police VPL009 SHARP LOOK 2

    Police VPL010 SHARP LOOK 3

    Police VPL040 CLOSE UP 4

    Police VPL041 FLUID 3

    Police VPL041V FLUID 3

    Police VPL042 FLUID 4

    Police VPL043 FLUID 5

    Police VPL044 METTLE 1

    Police VPL045 METTLE 2

    Police VPL046 CHARISMA 1

    Police VPL047 CHARISMA 2

    Police VPL048 RANGY 1

    Police VPL049 RANGY 2

    Police VPL050

    Police VPL051

    Police VPL052 DREAMY 1

    Police VPL053 SKILL UP 1

    Police VPL054 SKILL UP 2

    Police VPL055N

    Police VPL056 CLOSE UP 6

    Police VPL057 REEF 5

    Police VPL058 REEF 6

    Police VPL059 CHARISMA 3

    Police VPL060 VENERATION 1

    Police VPL061 VENERATION 2

    Police VPL062 FLUID 6

    Police VPL063 FLUID 7

    Police VPL064

    Police VPL065

    Police VPL066 RIVAL 4

    Police VPL067

    Police VPL091

    Police VPL092 For Kids

    Police VPL093 For Kids

    Police VPL094

    Most Popular Shapes

    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound

    Frame Type


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Police Glasses


    Police Glasses

    Police eyewear

    Police provides a range of women's and men's glasses, for those not afraid to show their true colours. Holding the limelight, telling a joke, or having the boss over to dinner has never been so easy. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then these stylish Police glasses are the perfect cover, like a display cabinet at a jewelry shop.

    If you've got it, flaunt it. These beautiful prescription glasses radiate the twinkle of your eye outwards for all to see. Don't be cooped up within yourself, bring out the inner champion and make your mark on the world. Raise that objection. Ask for the payrise. Walk into the bar knowing you're on equal footing with anybody else in the room – simply because you know exactly who you are and exactly what you want.

    Police optics are aimed at a sharp and stylish consumer, existing somewhere between frank and luscious Tom Fords, and pleasant but ruggedly winning Nike glasses. The result is a brand which has the best of both worlds. An enigmatic and disarming colour palate meets a determined and rigid frame, telling the world ever so subtly you're not one to back down.

    Whether it's the superhero-esque Police V1696's to highlight your natural confidence and make a bold statement, or the V8671 for some lighthearted mischief, there's never any need to hide who you are. That's the skill of these potent Police frames. They don't just make you look cool – they make the world realise you are cool.

    In this way, these glasses are more than just an accessory, they're a tool for life. Police V1697s will get you noticed in a crowd, and Police V8609s will help you put the button on your point at the next board meeting. If you've ever noticed somebody look right through you, or felt overlooked altogether, maybe it's time to call the Police. Glasses, that is.

    Nobody can look at you in these thoughtful but momentous optics without giving a pause to consider just what it is that's changed. Rest assured they'll start taking more notice, paying more respect, and generally being nicer. After all, we try to stay close to people who will be important in the near future.

    A riveting and bewitching enigma, the Police brand has earned the endorsement of Bruce Willis, George Clooney, and David Beckham at various points in its young life.

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