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    Lafont Alceste

    Lafont Alice

    Lafont Allegro

    Lafont Allure

    Lafont Ambiance

    Lafont Ambigue

    Lafont Amour

    Lafont Anemone

    Lafont Angela

    Lafont Apollon

    Lafont Aramis

    Lafont Argos

    Lafont Arman

    Lafont Arsouille

    Lafont Artaban

    Lafont Arthur

    Lafont Atlas

    Lafont Atmosphere

    Lafont Audace

    Lafont Aurore

    Lafont Aventure

    Lafont Babacar

    Lafont Baby

    Lafont Bach

    Lafont Baratin

    Lafont Baroque

    Lafont Baryton

    Lafont Belette

    Lafont Belleville

    Lafont Belote

    Lafont Ben Hur

    Lafont Bengale

    Lafont Berenice

    Lafont Bolide

    Lafont Borgia

    Lafont Boutade

    Lafont Breloque

    Lafont Bunky

    Lafont Burlesque

    Lafont Cabourg

    Lafont Cachemire

    Lafont Calder

    Lafont Californie

    Lafont Calin

    Lafont Camille

    Lafont Canada

    Lafont Canebiere

    Lafont Capucine

    Lafont Carnaval

    Lafont Caruso

    Lafont Celadon

    Lafont Celestin

    Lafont Celimene

    Lafont Centaure

    Lafont Centuri

    Lafont Cervantes

    Lafont Charivari

    Lafont Chelsea

    Lafont Cherubin

    Lafont Chicago

    Lafont Chili

    Lafont Chimene

    Lafont Ciceron

    Lafont Claire

    Lafont Cleopatre

    Lafont Coco

    Lafont Colomba

    Lafont Concerto

    Lafont Constance

    Lafont Coquin

    Lafont Cresus

    Lafont Cyrano

    Lafont Dallas

    Lafont Dame

    Lafont Damoiselle

    Lafont Darling

    Lafont Decision

    Lafont Degas

    Lafont Delire

    Lafont Demy

    Lafont Denim

    Lafont Denis

    Lafont Denon

    Lafont Denver

    Lafont Desiree

    Lafont Diane

    Lafont Diderot

    Lafont Dirigeant

    Lafont Doris

    Lafont Douceur

    Lafont Drake

    Lafont Duel

    Lafont Dumas

    Lafont Eames

    Lafont Ebisu

    Lafont Edgard

    Lafont Edith

    Lafont Einstein

    Lafont Eldorado

    Lafont Electron

    Lafont Elie

    Lafont Emilie

    Lafont Enzo

    Lafont Eole Bebe

    Lafont Epi

    Lafont Epice

    Lafont Equipe

    Lafont Erasme

    Lafont Escargot

    Lafont Esther

    Lafont Etoile

    Lafont Eugene

    Lafont Eulali

    Lafont Eureka

    Lafont Jupiter

    Lafont Lulu

    Lafont Manuel

    Lafont Monk

    Lafont Nana

    Lafont Naomi

    Lafont Napoli

    Lafont Niki

    Lafont Norma Strass

    Lafont Octet

    Lafont Octopus

    Lafont Odyssee

    Lafont Onyx

    Lafont Operette

    Lafont Ophelia

    Lafont Orsay

    Lafont Ouazet

    Lafont Ours

    Lafont Pampille

    Lafont Penelope

    Lafont Perignon

    Lafont Petrus

    Lafont Philippine

    Lafont Pinot

    Lafont Pivoine

    Lafont Pomerol

    Lafont Pommard

    Lafont Pompadour

    Lafont Princesse

    Lafont Prunus

    Lafont Punch

    Lafont Raspail

    Lafont Ratio

    Lafont Ravel

    Lafont Reference

    Lafont Refrain

    Lafont Reinette

    Lafont Reve

    Lafont Ringo

    Lafont Riquita

    Lafont Rita

    Lafont Rivoli

    Lafont Robin

    Lafont Robot

    Lafont Rock

    Lafont Rodeo

    Lafont Rosy

    Lafont Rotin

    Lafont Rumba

    Lafont Samson

    Lafont Saphir

    Lafont Saskia

    Lafont Satin

    Lafont Scott

    Lafont Sesame

    Lafont Sherie

    Lafont Sissi

    Lafont Slim

    Lafont Soledad

    Lafont Sonia

    Lafont Spoutnik

    Lafont Star

    Lafont Stresa

    Lafont Sylvestre

    Lafont Symbole

    Lafont Talent

    Lafont Tambour

    Lafont Tamtam

    Lafont Tancrede

    Lafont Tango

    Lafont Tania

    Lafont Tartelette

    Lafont Tarzan

    Lafont Teddy

    Lafont Theo

    Lafont Tibere

    Lafont Tictac

    Lafont Tigresse

    Lafont Tina

    Lafont Tino

    Lafont Tomy

    Lafont Tonic

    Lafont Topaze

    Lafont Toto

    Lafont Traviata

    Lafont Tresor

    Lafont Tribun

    Lafont Triomphe

    Lafont Tristan

    Lafont Turbo

    Lafont Twist

    Lafont Valentine

    Lafont Valmy

    Lafont Vamp

    Lafont Vanille

    Lafont Venise

    Lafont Vera

    Lafont Vigne

    Lafont Violette

    Lafont Visconti

    Lafont Volage

    Lafont Volute

    Lafont Vouvray


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

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    • Wraparound

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    Lafont Glasses


    Lens Deals

    • Premium lenses start from NZ$49

    Lafont Glasses

    Lafont Glasses has been a leading expert in the creation of quality eyewear since 1972. Lafont Glasses come in a variety of colours and styles that have been crafted to perfection. The original collection of Lafont Glasses is well-made to ensure quality and have a wide range of styles to give the wearer choices for a fashionable and functional style to fit their individual lifestyle.

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