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    Lafont Allure

    Lafont Ambiance

    Lafont Atmosphere

    Lafont Audace

    Lafont Babacar

    Lafont Baratin

    Lafont Baroque

    Lafont Baryton

    Lafont Bengale

    Lafont Borgia

    Lafont Burlesque

    Lafont Cabourg

    Lafont Cachemire

    Lafont Calder

    Lafont Californie

    Lafont Camille

    Lafont Canada

    Lafont Canebiere

    Lafont Celadon

    Lafont Celimene

    Lafont Centuri

    Lafont Cervantes

    Lafont Charivari

    Lafont Chelsea

    Lafont Chicago

    Lafont Ciceron

    Lafont Claire

    Lafont Cleopatre

    Lafont Colomba

    Lafont Concerto

    Lafont Constance

    Lafont Cresus

    Lafont Dallas

    Lafont Dame

    Lafont Damoiselle

    Lafont Darling

    Lafont Demy

    Lafont Denim

    Lafont Denis

    Lafont Denise

    Lafont Denon

    Lafont Denver

    Lafont Desiree

    Lafont Diderot

    Lafont Dirigeant

    Lafont Doris

    Lafont Douceur

    Lafont Duel

    Lafont Dumas

    Lafont Eames

    Lafont Ebisu

    Lafont Ecrire

    Lafont Edgard

    Lafont Edith

    Lafont Einstein

    Lafont Electron

    Lafont Elegante

    Lafont Elegie

    Lafont Elie

    Lafont Elisabeth

    Lafont Emilie

    Lafont Enzo

    Lafont Epi

    Lafont Epice

    Lafont Epopee

    Lafont Equilibre

    Lafont Equipe

    Lafont Erasme

    Lafont Escapade

    Lafont Escargot

    Lafont Essentielle

    Lafont Esther

    Lafont Etoile

    Lafont Eugene

    Lafont Eulali

    Lafont Eureka

    Lafont Eva

    Lafont Evidence

    Lafont Ex-Libris

    Lafont Fabrizio

    Lafont Facile

    Lafont Fangio

    Lafont Farnese

    Lafont Farwest

    Lafont Fashion

    Lafont Fatima

    Lafont Faulkner

    Lafont Faust

    Lafont Fee

    Lafont Felicie

    Lafont Fellini

    Lafont Feminin

    Lafont Femme

    Lafont Feydeau

    Lafont Fizz

    Lafont Flaubert

    Lafont Flirt

    Lafont Florence

    Lafont Floride

    Lafont Foujita

    Lafont Fox

    Lafont Franz

    Lafont Frida

    Lafont Gabie

    Lafont Gadget

    Lafont Galaxie

    Lafont Garance

    Lafont Garbo

    Lafont Gary

    Lafont Gatsby

    Lafont Gaufrette

    Lafont Gaya

    Lafont Gentleman

    Lafont Geronimo

    Lafont Gigi

    Lafont Gipsy

    Lafont Gladys

    Lafont Global

    Lafont Gloria

    Lafont Gloss

    Lafont Goal

    Lafont Gold

    Lafont Gourmand

    Lafont Grace

    Lafont Gracq

    Lafont Grant

    Lafont Graphic

    Lafont Graziella

    Lafont Grenouille

    Lafont Greta

    Lafont Gribouille

    Lafont Gringo

    Lafont Groupie

    Lafont Guimard

    Lafont Guitry

    Lafont Habanera

    Lafont Haiku

    Lafont Hanae

    Lafont Hanna

    Lafont Hardy

    Lafont Harley

    Lafont Harmonie

    Lafont Helene

    Lafont Hello

    Lafont Heritage

    Lafont Hermine

    Lafont Hibiscus

    Lafont Hidalgo

    Lafont Hit Parade

    Lafont Hombre

    Lafont Homere

    Lafont Honey

    Lafont Horde

    Lafont Hortense

    Lafont Hunter

    Lafont Hussard

    Lafont Hype

    Lafont I Love

    Lafont Ichiro

    Lafont Idole

    Lafont Idylle

    Lafont Igor

    Lafont Illinois

    Lafont Ilona

    Lafont Impact

    Lafont Imperiale

    Lafont Indiana

    Lafont Indigo

    Lafont Indy

    Lafont Ines

    Lafont Ingrid

    Lafont Initiale

    Lafont Insolite

    Lafont Inspiration

    Lafont Intrepide

    Lafont Intuition

    Lafont Irene

    Lafont Irina

    Lafont Iris

    Lafont Irma

    Lafont Isabelle

    Lafont Isadora

    Lafont Isidore

    Lafont Islande

    Lafont Ispahan

    Lafont Ivanhoe

    Lafont Ivy

    Lafont Izia

    Lafont Jupiter

    Lafont Label

    Lafont Lady

    Lafont Laser

    Lafont Laureat

    Lafont Lea

    Lafont Leader

    Lafont Legende

    Lafont Legere

    Lafont Lenny

    Lafont Lewis

    Lafont Liberty

    Lafont Light

    Lafont Lillipuce

    Lafont Lin

    Lafont Line

    Lafont Lire

    Lafont Litote

    Lafont Lloyd

    Lafont Look

    Lafont Louise

    Lafont Loulou

    Lafont Lovely

    Lafont Luck

    Lafont Lucrece

    Lafont Lucy

    Lafont Lulu

    Lafont Luna

    Lafont Luxe

    Lafont Lyrique

    Lafont Lys

    Lafont Madame

    Lafont Madeleine

    Lafont Maestro

    Lafont Magnolia

    Lafont Majeste

    Lafont Malice

    Lafont Malo

    Lafont Malte

    Lafont Manet

    Lafont Margot

    Lafont Marie

    Lafont Marilou

    Lafont Marion

    Lafont Mars

    Lafont Martin

    Lafont Mathilde

    Lafont Matisse

    Lafont Maxime

    Lafont Mayfair

    Lafont Melchior

    Lafont Melisse

    Lafont Melusine

    Lafont Merci

    Lafont Merlin

    Lafont Mermoz

    Lafont Mia

    Lafont Miroir

    Lafont Mode

    Lafont Mondrian

    Lafont Monsieur

    Lafont Montana

    Lafont Mortimer

    Lafont Mythe

    Lafont Nabab

    Lafont Nabucco

    Lafont Nanou

    Lafont Nantucket

    Lafont Nara

    Lafont Nature

    Lafont Nectar

    Lafont Nelly

    Lafont Nelson

    Lafont Neon

    Lafont Nereide

    Lafont New

    Lafont Newman

    Lafont Newyork

    Lafont Niki

    Lafont Ninja

    Lafont Niolo

    Lafont Nirvana

    Lafont Nissim

    Lafont Noemie

    Lafont Noguchi

    Lafont Nolita

    Lafont Norman

    Lafont Notable

    Lafont Notoriete

    Lafont Nouvelle

    Lafont Novice

    Lafont Nuance

    Lafont Numero

    Lafont Obi

    Lafont Objectif

    Lafont Obsession

    Lafont Oceane

    Lafont Odeon

    Lafont Odile For Kids

    Lafont Oeillade

    Lafont Oletta

    Lafont Olt

    Lafont Olympe For Kids

    Lafont Ombline

    Lafont Onde

    Lafont Open

    Lafont Opera

    Lafont Opium

    Lafont Orchestre

    Lafont Originale

    Lafont Orsay

    Lafont Osaka

    Lafont Osee

    Lafont Ostrogoth For Kids

    Lafont Otarie For Kids

    Lafont Otero

    Lafont Ouessant

    Lafont Oups For Kids

    Lafont Ovni For Kids

    Lafont Oxford

    Lafont Paquerette

    Lafont Parfois

    Lafont Parfum

    Lafont Parmi

    Lafont Patchouli

    Lafont Patti

    Lafont Pendant

    Lafont Pensee

    Lafont Petale

    Lafont Phedre

    Lafont Philomene

    Lafont Pixel

    Lafont Plaire

    Lafont Possible

    Lafont Precieuse

    Lafont Prelude

    Lafont Promesse

    Lafont Proust

    Lafont Prunus

    Lafont Pulsion

    Lafont Rita

    Lafont Tambour

    Lafont Tamtam

    Lafont Tango

    Lafont Tibere

    Lafont Tigresse

    Lafont Triomphe

    Lafont Vanille

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    Other Shapes

    • Wraparound


      Lens Width

    • 40 mm
      80 mm

    Lafont Glasses


    Lafont Glasses

    Lafont Glasses has been a leading expert in the creation of quality eyewear since 1972. Lafont Glasses come in a variety of colours and styles that have been crafted to perfection. The original collection of Lafont Glasses is well-made to ensure quality and have a wide range of styles to give the wearer choices for a fashionable and functional style to fit their individual lifestyle.

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